IoT and the Quantified Workspace - Singapore

Thanks for joining us at the Connecting Leaders Insight Series on IoT and Quantified Workspace seminar session in Singapore

The Internet of things has the potential to change our lives and interactivity with our environment, revolutionising our experience with the world around us. Herman Miller presents two IoT innovation – Passport and T2, two unique proprietary applications that pushes new frontier on workspace experience.

Thanks to all designers and industry leaders who joined us at the seminar sessions in Singapore.
To connect to our speakers; email John O'Hara on Smart Products / Herman Miller T2 or Samantha Giam on Passport, Workspace Quantification.

Get quantified, Herman Miller Passport is an innovative solution to capture space utilisation and occupancy patterns by teams.

T2 is a mobile, height-adjustable table with an adventurous personality and a highly intelligent core engine that responds to your needs, and your choices.

In T2, digital technology combines with self-monitoring features and ergonomics to facilitate different postures throughout the day – from sit to stand, and from quiet time to engaging with others – and to quantify how you work, supporting an agile workspace and personal wellbeing.