Liveable Office Award Ceremony 2016

Herman Miller Asia announces winners of Liveable Office Award

26 May 2016, Hong Kong: Herman Miller congratulates all winners of the Liveable Office Awards, which was announced during the 2nd edition Liveable Office Award Ceremony in Hong Kong on Thursday, 19 May 2016.

With a remarkably wide field of hundreds over entries from award winning design firms in Asia Pacific region, and was further narrowed down to top 10 shortlisted for each category. It was indeed impressive and commendable to be selected by our esteemed judging of panels.

Amidst the shortlisted entries, there were a few outstanding submissions from Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia and other countries from Asia Pacific, which reflect the pioneering trend of innovative workspace strategy in organisations for Commercial Business – Workspace Design Award category and Small Medium Business / co-working space award category.

The panel of judges – consist of various experts with experience and backgrounds from design consultant to professor and even business decision makers from the Asia Pacific region, shortlisted the top 3 finalist of each category and special mention of the Liveable Feature Award recipients.

Liveable Office Award Ceremony Video

Liveable Office Award Winners 2016

Small Medium Business / Co-working Space Award:

  1. Wantedly, Inc., Japan, by Draft design & artplay Co.
  2. Tenoha Daikanyama, Japan by Signal Inc.
  3. Areocare Fitout, Australia, by Ellivo Architects

Commercial Business – Workspace Design Award:

  1. Donuts Co. Ltd Inc., Japan by Flooat Inc.
  2. Indeed, Tokyo, Japan, Cosmos More Co., Ltd
  3. Architectus MLC Studio, Australia, by Architectus

Liveable Feature Award:

Best in Tech – Just Co @ Robinson Rd by Siren Design
Transform Asia Award – Reliance Jo by DWP Interics Pvt Ltd

About Liveable Office Award

Liveable Office Award started in 2013, organised by Herman Miller Asia to raise awareness around the importance of good workspace design for companies to leverage broader organizational goals in the Asia Pacific region.

At Herman Miller, our role is to help client and designers to promote and celebrate great achievements in design. Workspace design used to revolve around how to accommodate technology and power rather than the user. The office needs to enable health work for the individuals with high performance ergonomic environment as well as the broader encouraging collaborative activities of various natures.

The award rewards organisations who are investing in workspace design, while inspiring and guiding the next generation of workers and designers to come.

“Having been on several juries over the years, the quality of the submissions was the highlight. It was often difficult to determine the clear winner as submissions were all so high in standard.

The expertise on the jury panel also insured an independent and fair assessment. This coupled with the enthusiasm on the HM team insures the Liveable Office Initiative will be a “go to” benchmark in this region.”

Raj Nandan
Managing Director and Publisher, Indesign Group (Australia)

“It was a great pleasure to join the journey of Liveable Office Award final judging. I was deeply impressed by the quality and diversity of the submissions. They not only enrich our imagination of future working environments, but also indicate the new trends on working cultures: more creative, more human centered, more collaborative, and more sustainable.”

Prof. Dr. Lou Yongqi
Dean, College of Design & Innovation, Tongji University

Liveable Office Award Finalist Quotes

“For us, "Liveable Office" is a workplace that does not restrict the workers' work styles.

It is essential to give the employees the flexibility and choice to select on how and where they want to work according to the tasks they have at hand. From those choices, collaboration occur and new ideas are generated, and that’s what we strongly believe in - the concept of Liveable Office.

Office design should be original and unique to each organisation to express its corporate identity and be a place that employees feel the engagement towards. Liveable Office Awards has given us the opportunity to reconsider and further deepen our vision on office design.

It is a great honour to have been awarded winner of the small & medium business category, amongst all the namely design firms in the APAC region. We'd like to continue inspiring the office design industry by delivering exciting design in to workplaces. Thank you.”

Taiju Yamashita, DRAFT design & artplay Co.
Project: WANTEDLY Inc

“We feel there is a significant meaning in an international and renowned company, Herman Miller for organising such an award within this office design industry.

As a small design firm ourselves, we feel privileged to have been able to compete against these design firms throughout the Asian region. We are grateful to have participated in this competition with the opportunity to understand what projects other design firms are working on and to listen to their presentations where they expressed their philosophy towards office design.

We are delighted to understand that the workplace is greatly appreciated by the employees. The workplace is deliberately left incomplete for the workers to recreate their own workplace according to their workstyle, which they feel more engaged to. It was an honour to receive all the positive comments from the judges and have been a great encouragement to us. We hope to continuously be an inspiration to lead the office design industry in Japan”

Yumika Yoshida, Flooat Inc.
Project: Donuts Co. Ltd Inc.

“There are not many awards in office design so the fact that a big company like Herman Miller is organizing such competition lays a good influence on the office industry itself.

It is such an honour to have been awarded 2nd prize amongst all the wonderful project from throughout the Asian pacific.
These projects are built up upon restriction of schedule and budget, and most importantly the requirements from the client. Therefore, not all the projects can be completed with the award-submitting quality.

By winning the 2nd prize in a row (they won 2nd prize for Liveable office award 2014), it has been a great opportunity to show clients of our strength in design. We would continue to give our best effort in creating innovative and attractive office so as to be an influential design firm for the industry of office design’s future prosperity.”

Junichi Tokuda, SIGNAL Inc
Project: Tenoha Daikanyama

“We understand that Herman Miller is a company with the strong vision to improve the quality of workplaces through collaboration with designers, therefore it is natural for us to see awards as a good opportunity, organized by Herman Miller.

This competition has been a great opportunity for us to deepen our thoughts towards creating great places to work. We are still a young team; therefore, this was the first time to participate in such a competition. By receiving this award, it has encouraged us to continuously work on our future vision of workplace design where workstyle and Lifestyle is harmonized.

This is a very attractive competition for designers like myself with a concept we can truly believe in. We hope this competition to be a continued event.

We will pursue our mission of designing workplaces based on our philosophy; “Designers not only solve the problems but foster the client to their next stage.”

Toru Takeda, Cosmos More Co., Ltd
Project: Indeed, Tokyo

Liveable Office Award Ceremony Highlights

Congratulations to all the Liveable Office Award Winners!
The panel of judges (from left to right) Kartik Shethia, Raj Nandan, William To, Kelley Cheng and Prof Lou Yongqi
Flooat Inc from Japan, Winner of People’s Choice – Workspace Design Award & Presenter, Kartik Shethia, Vice President of Herman Miller Asia Pacific
Draft design & artplay Co. from Japan, Winner for Small Medium Business/ Co-working Space award & Presenters, William To and Kelley Cheng
Flooat Inc from Japan, Winner of Commercial – Workspace Design Award & Presenter, Raj Nandan and Prof Lou Yongqi
Liveable Office Awards shortlisted entries showcase display
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