Herman Miller Unveils the Remastered Aeron in Major Asian Cities

Asia kickstarts our series of Remastered Aeron launch activities, starting with Hong Kong, then Singapore and Tokyo. | 17.Jan.17 - 24.Jan.17

When the Aeron chair by Herman Miller was first shown to the market in 1994, it was truly revolutionary and unlike any chair that anyone had ever seen or experienced. Designers Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick had created a superbly comfortable seating machine that set a new benchmark in office furniture. It sold beyond expectations, took its place in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), and became a part of popular culture.

Two decades later, Herman Miller has done something bold and brave – it has remastered the iconic Aeron. As Thomas Niergarth, Vice President, New Product Commercialization, Herman Miller Inc. explains, “When you can make something significantly better, that’s the time to change.”

The new and improved Aeron version 2.0 has been designed from the ground up based on advanced data and with new insights on how we work today. Created with agility in mind, the chair’s new key features include a significantly lighter tilt mechanism that responds faster and more naturally to the body’s movement, a zoned back support, and a new PostureFit system, with primary sacral support and secondary lumbar support.

Hong Kong was the first stop in the highly anticipated Remastered Aeron Asia Tour. The event included an exclusive dialogue session centred on the design story and entire creative process behind the new Aeron – hosted by John O’Hara, Director of Product Management & Options, and Thomas Niergarth, the project lead for this new product. This was followed by a huge industry party, which was attended by over 130 members of the A+D community.

Exclusive dialogue session with Thomas Niergarth, the project lead for this new product.

The new Aeron was also presented to students and lecturers of Hong Kong Poly University, with some 200 attendees filling the lecture hall, eager to learn the art and science behind one of design’s great icons.

A design lecture on the new Aeron at Hong Kong Poly University gets a full house

The Hong Kong event was followed by an equally huge Aeron Remastered launch in Singapore, which was held together with the opening party of XTRA’s new retail store at Marina Square. Prior to the party, Niergarth hosted an exclusive dialogue session for media and clients, where they had the privilege of being one of the first to test out the new version for themselves.

The new Aeron is prominently on display in XTRA’s beautiful new showroom

Then to top off the night’s programme, Herman Miller unveiled a 3D video mapping featuring the latest innovations of the iconic design.

The event ended with a bang with the unveiling of a special 3D video mapping of the new product

Japan was the third stop in the January tour. The event was held at YellowKorner Antenna Shop Marunouchi, which carries an extensive collection of art photographs from young and well-known artists. The venue was chosen because YellowKorner’s vision of making all aspects of life more enjoyable through art and photographs aligned with the Aeron’s own ability to improve the atmosphere of homes and offices with its comfortable design and beautiful attention to detail.

The new Aeron, presented as a piece of art

The new Aeron was strikingly displayed as a deconstructed piece of art at the shop front, while on the second floor, the chair was exhibited along with tools that explained its unique features.

The place was packed with guests all keen to see and learn more about the product

Niergarth was also in attendance to share insights on the product with media and guests. A party followed where everyone had a great time testing out the new chair. Guests were invited to have their photos taken in front of the #AeronRemastered panel and a lucky draw was later held with three lucky participants walking away with their very own Remastered Aeron.

Aeron Remastered is also set to launch in other locations across the Asia Pacific including Bangalore, Philippines, China, Australia and New Zealand.

Thomas Niergarth from Herman Miller explains how the company has remastered the Aeron during a dialogue session with media and guests

Key media were all in attendance

A media tour around the Living Office showroom

Niergarth demonstrating the difference between the classic and new Aeron during a one-on-one interview

An exclusive dialogue session with Niergarth in Singapore

Media and guests get rare insight into the new Aeron at XTRA new flagship store

Big applause from the Singapore A+D community

A group photo of Herman Miller and XTRA representative

Niergarth and Kartik Shethia, VP for Herman Miller Asia Pacific on the Remastered Aeron Chair

The new Aeron displayed on the second level of YellowKorner in Japan

Guests trying on the Remastered Aeron

A few lucky guests took home their very own Remastered Aeron in a lucky draw