How can we learn, work and play in the new collaborative economy?

Coworking Unconference Asia 2017 offered unparalleled insights into the impact of shared working environments, presenting ways to optimise these spaces for the future | 08.Feb.17 - 12.Feb.17

Herman Miller is proud to be Silver Sponsor of the Coworking Unconference Asia 2017 (CUAsia)

The Coworking Unconference Asia (CUAsia) intends to bring together all the movers and shakers from the world of coworking and innovation in Asia and beyond. Initiated by CAAP: Coworking Alliance of Asia Pacific, the event explores how we can learn, work and live in this new collaborative economy.

After two successful editions of CUAsia in beautiful Bali, the event travelled to Chiang Mai, Thailand, in February 2017, with HUBBA Thailand acting as hosting partner. This edition attracted more people than ever: 235 people flocked to Chiang Mai from 35 countries, including the US, South Korea, Mongolia, India, Brazil and Australia.

On show at CUAsia were Herman Miller’s T2 height adjustable desk, Public Landscape and Sayl Chair, along with the Optimis desking system, Activity Chair and Express Chair. Each of these pieces is highly popular in the collaborative community; with their agile designs, each of these pieces perfectly meets the needs of startups and entrepreneurs.

Providing insights into how to design and optimise collaborative spaces at the event was Karen Lam, Performance Environments Strategist for Herman Miller Living Office. She talked about how Living Office concepts engage and help business to design collaborative spaces, and she introduced Passport as a way of monitoring and tracking workplace behaviours in order to improve business productivity.

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