POSH Shanghai New Showroom Now Opens

If you’re seeking inspiration for your latest commercial or residential project, then our Shanghai dealer’s new showroom is well worth a visit | 01.Jun.17

Our dealer POSH Shanghai has finally opened the doors to the brand new showroom (The Showroom) and we couldn’t be more delighted with the fit-out. Based around the design concept Journey of Fantasy, the interiors are predominantly decked out with aluminium and mirror-finish cladding; the reception area on the second floor sets the scene with mirrors on both sides, creating a dazzling kaleidoscope effect and arousing customers’ curiosity to entice them further into the heart of the showroom.

Adding to the sense of drama and industry are exposed ceiling beams, concrete flooring and ten immense, reinforced concrete pillars with a kerosene lamp hanging from each one. Herman Miller’s five most iconic chairs – Embody, Aeron, Mirra2, Setu and SAYL – take centre stage, standing in a line in the middle of the spotlight, whilst three huge light-boxes featuring mirror frames and blue LED strips have been used to showcase different landscape settings according to our Living Office concept.

Of course, we also have our new Remastered Aeron, which has been renovated to meet the needs of today’s workplace and workers, on display. And, as a final flourish, there is a huge two-layer jewellery box that’s perfect for VIP and private events with Japanese tatami design on the first floor and state-of-the-art imported furniture pieces on the upper floor.

We think the overall effect is incredibly striking and provides the perfect contrast to modern, mainstream showrooms that we were looking for. Moreover, with its generous space, The Showroom is ideal for organising workshops, talks, seminars, private events and sharing sessions for 20 up to 300 people.

Building on their former showroom in Hongqiao, which opened in 2006, The Showroom is set to become a design destination in its own right. It is located in a modern industrial block adjacent to the Power Station of Art and spans over 1400 square metres with the entire second floor serving as the furniture display room. This showcases a variety of locally made and imported products - mainly POSH and Herman Miller, as well as other brands such as CBS, Nemschoff, Naughtone, Geiger etc.

Finally, there is also a mezzanine office space for 50 of our staff and a rooftop area boasting a 270-degree panoramic view of key Shanghai landmarks including Lu Pu Bridge, Nan Pu Bridge, Shanghai Centre and the oriental Pearl Tower, making it a tranquil hideaway in the middle of the bustling city.

General Manager of POSH Shanghai Mr Alex Liu said of the new showroom: “Being in the furniture industry for over 20 years, I’ve always loved and appreciated each piece, the birth of this brand new showroom is truly a dream come true. I hope this showroom brings a new dimension to the industry and changes the traditional perception on furniture of the general public. The opening today marks another milestone of our team and is just a beginning of our Journey of Fantasy.”