Workplace Strategy Summit 2017

At Herman Miller we know that the working world of tomorrow will be a highly technological one. To contribute to this new era of connectivity, we are proud to present you Herman Miller Passport! | 01.Sep.17

At the recent Workplace Strategy Summit, Herman Miller presented Passport amidst a range of engaging and wide reaching discussions and presentations on the nature of contemporary workplace culture, design, leadership and technology.

The summit by Forefront Events was held over 2 days in August in Sydney. Kirsten Brown Herman Miller Australia’s National Workplace Insight lead presented ‘Measure What Matters: Data Generation and Evidence To Inform Your Workplace Strategy’. Herman Miller’s Passport Services provides real-time information on how time is spent in the office, decisions are able to be made based on data, to quantify the design of a workspace.

“Our clients want to quantify the design of their workspace, and Passport can give them the information they need to do so. With Passport, executives will get real-time information and actionable reporting that will help them predict and optimise outcomes.” - Karen Lam, Data Scientist, Herman Miller Asia Pacific

In an event with a focus on accelerating productivity, collaboration, engagement and wellbeing to create a successful workplace, it’s suitable that Herman Miller would showcase this technology here. Passport is a new technology offering that brings the Internet of Things to life in the modern workplace. By providing you with real-time information on how your time is spent in the office, Passport enables you to take steps that will change and improve not only the way we work, but the way we live.

“Passport offers something for everyone, no matter whether you are a user, designer or facility executive,” says Samantha Giam, Director of Living Office, Asia Pacific “Passport ingeniously weaves social features with big data capabilities, leveraging the computing power of the ubiquitous smartphone”.

While highly technologically advanced, Passport is ultimately a human platform. Designed to make self-improvement not only possible, but easy. Learn more about Passport Services at or contact us on