Grand opening of Herman Miller Japan flagship store and Living Office Showroom

Herman Miller Japan has a new home for Living Office Showroom and expanded its flagship store up to two floors since opened from 2010. | 01.Dec.17

Herman Miller Japan showroom and the store recently held the opening parties, both on the same day — December 7th, invited guest such as designers, corporate clients, retailers and dealer partners to visit the new home for Herman Miller Japan showroom as well as newly furnished retail store. Both showroom and store received overwhelming response and were attended by over 500 guests, enjoying the opening ceremony and exploring Herman Miller design in the new spaces.

The Herman Miller showroom used to be located on the second floor of the Herman Miller store and faced some limitation of the size while the commercial business expanding rapidly. To provide a comprehensive setting of Living Office and offer our staff a better environment to concentrate and collaborate, a new workplace is invested to showcase our idea and insights of Living Office.

The new showroom, which has been widened 150%, now offers customers a proper experience of the Living Office setting.

Living Office is a way of thinking about people-centered office creation. It creates work spaces where working people collaborate, spaces that maximize creativity and performance and support the growth of the company. Today, the key to a company’s growth is the creation and realization of ideas. Herman Miller recognises 10 different work modes and defines 10 different setting to support these work modes.

We interviewed all the employees in office and understand their requirements in this fast changing workspace design environment and having in mind the living office concept, which resulted in identifying issues that employees faced in the previous working environment. The whole renovation project was launched to create an appropriate setting for the employees to work in, a space where customers can properly experience Living Office, and a space that helps people understand the Herman Miller company philosophy.

The showroom’s interior was designed by Flooat, Inc., winner of the Liveable Office Award back in 2016, sponsored by Herman Miller Asia Pacific. Flooat resolved all the problems associated with the 50-year-old building while also teasing out its potential. Four large pillars that stand in the in center of the space were incorporated into the interior design in a functional way. Their sense of presence was erased and the space came to have an expansive feeling.

Also, the designer manages to incorporate the fan coil [unit] that was on the side of the building with windows into the overall workspace design and turning it into practical use – row of benches and creates a new spot for meeting. Furthermore, placing chairs and accessories on the bench brings greater exposure of the showroom’s existence to viewers on the outside of the building as well. The space, which is finished in gray and beige, was designed to be able to compliment the use of Herman Miller products (both mid-century and contemporary furniture).

In conjunction of the showroom relocation, Herman Miller store has been renewed and expanded from one-floor to two-floors. The interior, which was designed under the guidance of the Herman Miller US headquarters, shares a consistent concept and experience with the Herman Miller flagship store that opened in New York last year.

The store has become the quality lifestyles of Folk Modern Living*. With Everything from the Herman Miller collection including design classics pieces by Eames and Nelson, to high-performance task chairs, desks and accessories heartily selected, it offers an unique and premium experience of the lifestyle being proposed by Herman Miller.

*Folk: Human, Warm, Comfortable, Original, Natural, Playful, and Personal. Modern: Functionality, Order, Clarify, Essential, Industrial, Systematic and Problem-Solving.

Visit the Herman Miller Showroom & Store today!

Herman Miller Japan Showroom
2F Shin Kokusai Bldg.
3-4-1 Marunouchi,
Tokyo, Japan, 100-0005

Herman Miller Store Tokyo
2 Chome-1-1 Marunouchi
Tokyo 100-0005