People's Choice Shortlist - Unilever Indonesia by Aedas Interiors, Singapore

Aedas Interiors

Award: People's Choice (Shortlist)
Category: Commercial Business
Project: Unilever Indonesia
Country of Design: Singapore

The Challenge:

How do you create a new building and new interiors for a dynamic organisation in a location far from the CBD? How do you create a space that will excite staff about the prospect of making the transition to Jakarta's outer ring? How do you create a space that provides for a progressive working culture while reflecting the local culture? These were the challenges we faced in designing Unilever Indonesia's office. The client wanted a unique building that would recognise their long history in Indonesia, their Indonesian culture and their heritage, as well as a building that would bring their workplace into the 21st century to foster collaboration so as to drive business growth.

The Process

We held a series of workshops with key stakeholders where they shared their thoughts and ideas of what they were hoping to achieve in the new building. We then distilled their ideas and opinions to create a coherent experience.

The Design

The heart of our solution is a five-story atrium where stairs link all floors and people are visible as they use the stairs. The stairs are typically adjacent to breakout spaces that are located in such a way as to connect the atrium with the working space and views to the outside. Sitting in this space, you are instantly connected with the entire office. This enables people to feel like they are working everywhere in the building.

The building blurs the boundary between interior and exterior by allowing plants and trees to flow into the interior spaces, while maximising natural light flowing into the interiors via double- and triple-height atriums along the building's perimetre and the central atrium. Unilever's branding is on show throughout the building and it is used to reinforce the many brands the company represents, along with their core values.

The Result

The solution is a radical departure for a corporate office in Indonesia. The building is filled with natural light, views, space and a sense of place. We used local Batik fabrics to identify meeting room types, and, in the breakout spaces, we used recycled teak from small villages to reinforce the sense of place, in order to emphasise the fact that this is a large global company with a long history and strong ties to the people of Indonesia.

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