People's Choice Shortlist - Yahoo Japan by Flooat Inc., Japan


Award: People's Choice (Shortlist)
Category: Commercial Business
Project: Yahoo! JAPAN
Country of Design: Japan

The Challenge:

Yahoo! JAPAN has the largest number of internet users in Japan, and the company continues to actively find ways to connect with a wide variety of people. It is constantly seeking new and innovative service offerings. The company's spirit is tireless, always challenging itself. We felt a strong need to create a space that embodies this spirit. The biggest challenge was how to incorporate and express the intersection of information in an office space that houses not only employees but also external personnel.

The Process

We decided to halve the number of secluded meeting rooms, while implementing additional spacious, open meeting areas that can be used without any prior booking. We also made space for a co-working area that is available for any member of the public to use free of charge, creating an open and free atmosphere where communication can naturally develop.

Each of Yahoo! JAPAN's approximately 5,700 workers is free to work anywhere within the free address office space. Wi-Fi helps identify where each employee is within the office. We designed Yahoo! JAPAN's office in a way that would energise both face-to-face and virtual communications (which are realized via an in-house, internal social networking service).

The Design

We designed the space so that it can constantly be updated and transformed into a better environment - just as it is on the internet, where things are changing constantly. We designed the workspace to express the company's tireless dedication to enriching our lives and speedily delivering excellent new services.

In the visitor area, we created an actual, real-life portal site to illustrate Yahoo!'s identity. We carefully planned the way in which traffic would flow within each section of the floor, enabling everyone to roam around with ease. We created seven areas that have conference rooms individually furnished with distinctive interiors, so that visitors would see something different each time they visit Yahoo!'s Japan office.

We created a 'Lodge' are that is designed to function as an open collaboration space, rather than just an ordinary co-working space. We aimed to provide space that enables anyone and everyone to freely secure a flexible work environment where fresh communication can constantly take place.

We installed several pieces of house-shaped furniture within the space; these have different functions, acting as bookshelves, whiteboards and desks. They can be joined together to form partitions. We installed an area that functions as a café, with a kitchen space that is available for anyone to cook in. These are designed to stimulate active communication through eating.

The Result

In creating an open space that helps develop links between various people from inside and outside the company, new business ideas are coming to life. The office is always brimming with energy, and events are constantly underway, from activities supporting startups in Africa to local regeneration events.

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