Cosm lands in Asia

Herman Miller introduced its revolutionary task chair to the region with an event in partnership with XTRA on 19 September 2018. Setting this party apart were the exhibitions by Gensler and DP Design; both presented creative, out-of-box visions of Cosm’s world | 01.Oct.18

Cosm comes in a variety of shades to suit every space, including Canyon, Glacier and Nightfall

Cosm is the latest task chair from Herman Miller, created by Studio 7.5 in response to the need for a one-size-fits-all seat in today’s agile and shared working environments. Launching at Milan Design Week in April this year, the chair marks Herman Miller’s first foray into self-adjusting chairs, and it’s something of a revolution. It was with excitement, therefore, that the Asian market awaited the arrival of Cosm, which launched in Singapore on 19 September 2018 at the XTRA showroom.

Gensler’s installation, which was inspired by nature, Cosm’s colours and the sense of weightlessness it induces in its user

Herman Miller and XTRA launched the chair with a party that also introduced a range of new fabrics from Maharam. The event was well attended, populated with a host of familiar faces from Singapore’s design scene, industry stakeholders and representatives from leading publications, giving guests a chance to experience Cosm for themselves. Trying Cosm firsthand showed guests how the chair creates a sense of weightlessness in its user, thanks to an intuitive suspension system and innovative Auto-Harmonic Tilt.

Cosm’s ability to support everybody was something Gensler and DP Design tapped into at the event, creating original installations that were on show at XTRA until 21 September.

The Cosm launch was well-attended by designers, architects and industry stakeholders, all of whom got a chance to test the chair for themselves

Integrated design and architecture firm Gensler began with the idea of weightlessness, creating different landscapes for Cosm’s four colours. On show were the glacial striations and ridges of that mirrored Glacier’s inspiration; the red, earthy ridges were a reflection of Canyon; Midnight was all dark, evening blue with tiered geometric forms juxtaposed with Cosm’s curves; and, for Studio White, Cosm floated above a powdery, mineral-y base. Each of the four displays were set within a freeform backdrop.

Gensler used fabric and colour to bring Cosm to life

DP Design, meanwhile, developed a concept around the idea of Cosm in the home, emphasising Cosm’s colourful personality through a grid-like concept composed of lines, silhouettes and geometric structures. For DP Design, Cosm was personified as an artist, shown in different settings within his home, situated on a leafy green balcony, chilling in the master bedroom, relaxing in a bubble bath and floating above the dining table.

DP Design’s interpretation put Cosm in the home, using a grid-like backdrop to represent the space and letting the chair shine

Alongside exploring Gensler and DP Design’s interpretations of Cosm, guests heard from Jeremy Hocking, President, Herman Miller International, about Cosm, and XTRA Founder Lim Choon Hong also gave a speech. Singapore’s movers and shakers at the event also went in the running for exciting prizes, including Cosm chairs, bags from Maharam, cool home accessories and a pair of plane tickets to Hong Kong.

Jeremy Hocking, President, Herman Miller International (top), Lim Choon Hong, Founder of XTRA (bottom left), and Linda Zeeman, Design Director of Gensler Singapore (bottom right).

Mike Lim, Director of DP Design explaining the DP design curation to Jeremy Hocking.

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