IoT and the Quantified Workspace - Singapore

Connecting Leaders Insight Series | 16- 17th March 2016

16- 17th March 2016

Assembly, Level 2
The South Beach Hotel
30 Beach Road


Presented by XTRA

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Executive Breakfast 9.30 - 11.00 am
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Evening Session 4 - 5.30 pm

The Internet of things has the potential to change our lives and interactivity with our environment, revolutionising our experience with the world around us.

Herman Miller presents two new innovation – Passport and Verb, two unique proprietary applications that pushes new frontier on workspace experience.

Learn more about these two groundbreaking innovations. Guests will also be welcome to preview the latest height adjustable solutions - Herman Miller T2 and Augment.

Future of User Experience

Presented by
Marc Fong
Director of Research and Development

At Herman Miller, we know that future is intelligent. Cars are already starting to drive themselves, and our homes are automatically managing heating, cooling, energy use, curtains and more.

The central control panel is your smartphone, so what better way to take furniture into the future than by pairing it with your digital devices? Herman Miller introduces Verb : a smartphone app that helps individuals track and manage their own wellness in the workplace.

Workspace Quantified

Presented by
Samantha Giam
Director of Living Office

Is your workspace investment producing expected results? Do you have access to reliable data to drive decision-making?

Herman Miller Passport employs ibeacon protocol together with a unique mobile application to collect reliable utilisation and occupancy data. It helps our clients work towards a higher performance workspace driving collaboration and productivity. Passport can be deployed globally to provide an unprecedented overview for real estate executives.