Living Office and the Future of Work - Taipei

Connecting Leaders Insight Series | 8.Apr.2016

8 April 2016

American Club Taipei
47 Bei-an Road, Taipei

Focus Group Seminar 4-6pm
Please join us for Cocktail and Canapés from 6 pm onwards after the seminar.


Presented by York Business Interiors

Work has changed. Most offices haven’t.

Living Office is a high-performing workplace that delivers an elevated experience of work for people, and helps organisations achieve their strategic goals.

Learn more what it means to a Living Office and workspace trends.

Guests will also be welcome to preview the latest height adjustable solutions -T2 and Augment with Herman Miller product manager, Scott Emerson.

Living Office

Presented by Samantha Giam,
Director of Living Office

Living Office is a holistic approach to work that helps people customise their methods, tools, and workspace to express shared purpose, character, and activities.

It is based on what is fundamental to all humans and evolves continuously in response to change. It also affords workers choices about where to work based on the task at hand. Our work with the psychology department at University College London suggests that the most powerful driver of productivity is self-determination; people are more productive when they have more control over when, where, and how they do their work.